Tribute Artist Corny Rempel

About Corny Rempel

   Corny Rempel is an award winning Elvis Tribute artist and Comedian who has performed across North America for fifteen years. He has also played to packed houses five times in Mazatlan, Mexico. Corny is a morning radio host/DJ in Steinbach Manitoba. He also does voicing for cartoons, websites, movies and video games. (And yes, that's his real name!) Corny will be featured in an upcoming documentary called "That Mennonite Joke" which has been picked up by Bravo and will be shown at the International Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario. Recently Corny has also been performing as Johnny Cash and has even sung with Johnny Cash's sister Joanne Cash Yates. Corny Plays Elvis like no one else. His facial expressions and gestures are uncanny and his voice is a dead ringer. The thing that makes his show unique is Corny's humorous twist. He loves entertaining and it shows in his non-stop, highly energized, hilarious performances!